Penniless Programmer short on stars

Stars, the currency of message appreciation in the "Discord API" server, are incredibly value to those general-dwellers seeking attention and fame for their postings. The "star board", where messages with many stars go to die, is decorated with messages containing only the most nuanced comedy to be found on Discord. A sample of such messages is found below:

"yeah man I love <redacted>"
General dweller shows off his support for a totalitarian dictator.
"here's full pic:" attachment of PC case decorated in <redacted>
A different general dweller shows off his computer case, decorated in totalitarian iconography.

To us at Discord.News, it appears that there is simply no place for the penniless programmer to get his messages starred on the infamous "star board", lest he incorporate this unfavorable iconography.

As one Discord API user states, the "golden days are over."