The Discord Vanity URL, discord.gg/furry, has been SNATCHED back! This is a huge victory for the NotSoOwO server, the original owners of the "furry" vanity URL.

United States President Donald Trump holding his hands vertically, with a macro text stating "THIS IS HUGE".

The "furry" identity is a subset of the LGBTQ+ community, referring to individuals who like to wear animals imitating costumes. Hallmark phrases of the Furry community are "yiff", "OwO" and "UwU", which are all expressions of excitement and happiness.

In May 2019, a furry member of the Discord Trust and Safety division discovered that the NotSoOwO server had possession of the "furry" vanity URL, and not his favored "fox den" server (out of respect, we will not name the trust and safety member at this time). The NotSoOwO server was given a "strike" for "bad behavior", and the vanity URL was forcibly removed and given to the competing "fox den" server. Discord did not make an official statement concerning this action.

At some point this week, however, the "fox den" server fell under the 30 boosts required to maintain its Vanity URL. A boost is a feature on the Discord platform that allows its Nitroâ„¢ users to give special support to a specific server. While the "fox den" server was under the threshold to attain a vanity URL, the NotSoOwO server snatched their rightful URL back.

At this time, the "fox den" server has not yet noticed that they have lost their URL. A senior member of the server was last seen expressing uncertainty over what to do with their "fur suit", the name given to the costume worn by furries year round (not just on October 31, the annual costume-wearing day).

"I have a fur suit and not sure what to do with it at the moment xd" - Good Boy
"Good boy" contemplates what to do with his fur suit at the moment.

While we eargerly await a response from the "fox den" server or the Discord Trust and Safety division, the NotSoOwO server celebrates.